Is the process safe?

Our facility is run under the medical governance of Dr. Darin Dill, board certified anesthesiologist. This includes our IV cocktails and Vitality Intra-Muscular (IM) injections. Your IV will be administered via a medical professional that reports to Dr. Dill. The ingredients of your IV are of the highest quality and purity and mixed on a per client basis. The use of IV fluids and nutrition for revitalization of body and tissues is not a new discipline. Dr. John Meyers, John Hopkins Heart internist, pioneered it in the 1960’s.

What are the ingredients?

IV nutrition bags (depending on cocktail) contain same vitamins, minerals, amino acids found in food sources. Anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and other medicinal additives are also available.

How long does it take?

Typically a 500mL treatment takes about 20-30 minutes and a 1000mL can completed in 40-50 minutes. This also depends on where the IV is placed, diameter of veins, and varies from client to client.

It is painful?

We provide nearly pain-free, minimally invasive, smooth experience administered by a medical professional. We utilize a topical anesthetic spray to minimize the injection pain.

Does it work?

On a 1 to 10 scale we see an improvement approximately 2.5 – 3.5 points. We have found that the worse a person feels, the greater the efficacy of our IV treatments.

Why should I get an IV?

Alcohol, Stress, Work and an Active life style all deplete the body of nutrients and water. With an IV we can deliver a quantity and quality of nutrients that cannot be absorbed orally. More importantly we can bypass the digestive system and deliver the nutrients and hydration directly into the tissues where it is needed. Athletes, Celebrities, and Naturopathic Doctors have been taking advantage of this powerful technique for decades. Dehydration admissions cost hospitals $5.5 billion annually; we are trying to help relieve the chronic dehydration epidemic.

How often can I get an IV?

We will work with clients, depending on their goals, and put together a plan. On average one IV a week is recommended. Like a healthy lifestyle habits, it’s the consistency over time that makes the difference. The additive benefits of getting regular IV’s will show up in your body just like when you chose to regularly consume whole foods that are good for you.

Still stuck ask directly.